Chocolate Khakhra – Pack of 2, 200 gms each




Chocolate is favourite mostly of kids, but everyone like chocolate. So we also created new tasty Khakhra as chocolate Khakhra which taste is same like melting, yummy chocolate. Once you purchase chocolate Khakhra and it is so tasty, water melting aroma of Khakhra that makes you eat more and more. Chocolate Khakhra is also available in small packets for tasting at reasonable price. Also available in square, circle, rectangular shapes different shapes Khakhra special variety for kidz. To buy daily chocolate is not good for teeth so if you prefer chocolate Khakhra for your kidz as daily breakfast for school  is better option also healthy made from wheat flour . So is good option for you to buy chocolate Khakhra then any other food packets.

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Weight 400 g


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