We take care to maintain taste, high quality, hygenic in our khakhara. All products are quality checked by quality assurance team who keep constant watch on our hygenic production. Due to unmatched taste in our product we have many numbers of customer.

Kanidha khakhara is famous name in khakhara; we have started with small unit due to our dedication, quality in making khakhara by following traditional method, we now become successful in market in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

Our khakhara are prepared directly from manufacturing machine and checked strictly by quality assurance team by experienced, quality inspection person, Our team of passionate foodies is always there to make sure that same taste is maintained in whole khakhara. We are known to customer due to maintaining same taste of khakhara  also take care for hygene, natural ingredients, mouthwatering taste, all time freshness after six months also. we are passionate and foodie to make different taste khakhara.

Customer’s satisfaction is what we seek from them, through which our reputation in the market is maintained. We are also having our customer in foreign countries by this.

Our expert, skilled workers at manufacturing unit take care of processing as hygienic, cleaned utensils, proper quantity, ingredients, purity, fresh ingredients etc. are used to maintain same taste of Khakhara.

The Food products available in large quantity also in sealed packed so the aroma, freshness and taste of food remain for longer period of time. As Kanidha Khakhara uses all pure, natural ingredients in making of Khakhara, This is like home-made, crunchy, tasty Khakhara for you.

We also take care of our customer’s taste, demand so we prepare it with hygienic, cleanliness at unit. We value our relationship with customer so handle with care, we like suggestion and feedback from our customer which helps to make it more tasty as per client taste. We also offer existing offer and discount on occasions, to our customer.

We have unique style of making Khakhara and also follow the taste, of clients. We make it with care and love to provide our customer with fresh, spicy tasty as home-made Khakhara in different varieties, also at economical prices. Kanidha offers different Khakhara as plain Khakhara, jeer, Jain, diet, Manipuri, methi Khakhara and lots more with tempting taste.

As Khakhara is crunchy tasty snacks popularly known as Guajarati’s snacks but now days this are favourite snacks in every one’s home. Kanidha focuses on maintaining quality, purity, original taste. Our skilled professional, quality controller appointed will take care of utilizing ingredients in required proportion which maintains aroma, freshness plus taste for longer time after packing.

We also take orders for bulk production, supply as per client’s needs, we take order for large production in customized form, also export our Khakhara to foreign countries as per order of client, our customers are from small shops, to large food processing industries. We have all types of customers group from small to large business. Our expertize lies in maintaining taste of Khakhara for freshness.